“A good plan is the key to delivering a successful project. And a good consultant prevents as many things from going wrong as possible by using that plan”.

Our Datacentre design services are an enterprise-wide, consultative approach to helps clients to manage their mission critical IT environments.We have the expertise, proven methodologies and tools to help clients for manage their data centers and centralized command control centre. We check and ensure the following design considerations for our infrastructure build designs.


Turnings differentiates its approach to Dacentre’s / command control centre’s  planning & pre-design by having facility engineers and IT engineers working hand-in-hand to develop IT power, cooling, and space requirements. Additionally, Turnings  has the project experience necessary to provide accurate load profiles and their facility infrastructure impact from conceptual IT initiatives and services without detailed equipment lists.

  • Clear project cost guidance as it relates to the overall availability expectation.
  • Accurate existing equipment & conceptual IT services
  • Expert understanding of data center /command control center design standards


The first step in every project is the design of the total project with all its components. We design and do the planning according to the customer requirements and budget with the best and latest technology available in the market.


Data Centre Build

Command & Control Centre


Disaster Recovery Room

Network Operating Centre

Distributed Antenna System (DAS)

Service Desk & Call Centre

Network Management Room


Systems Engineering will verify and provide all necessary specifications for the designed solution of the intended project. The different parts of the project, the different products needed and the various equipments will be integrated together to provide the total solution.

We  hold the following certifications to make sure that the proposed design is meeting all industrial and international standards. We also ensure that your end-to-end System is designed properly and compliance with TIA/EIA standard performance requirements are verified.

CDCP – Certified Data Centre Professional
This certification is all about the key components of the data centre. CDCP training addresses how to setup and improve key aspects such as power, cooling, security, cabling, safety etc. to ensure a hi-available data centre. CDCP training also addresses key operations and maintenance aspects.

CDCS – Certified Data Centre Specialist
CDCS is the advanced level for Data Centre Professionals and this Training further increase attendees to a level being a compatible sparring partner with suppliers and they will be able to verify offers provided by vendors for correctness, effectiveness and efficiency.

CDCE – Certified Data Centre Expert
CDCE is the highest level for Data Centre Specialist and this was designed to prepare DC designer to analyse a given business case and perform technical evaluation for a project plan and a set of designs for implementation of a mission critical Data Centre.The course also engages participants in product evaluations and demonstrates how to select equipment and develop equipment test scripts (IET) and integrated performance and validation testing (IPVT).

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